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About Barry Dixon

Barry Dixon opened his own design firm, Barry Dixon Interiors, 15 years ago. As a child he lived all over the world, an upbringing, which clearly left an indelible imprint in his mind that has affected how he lives and creates.

At the core of Barry's aesthetic is his magical ability to create interiors that cross the boundaries of geography, time, space, pattern, and color, bridging the past with the present, and inspiring a vision of the future.

In creating his first fabric and trimming collection, Barry wanted to focus on crossing boundaries, a theme synonymous with how he is inspired and designs.

Crossing geographic boundaries refers to how the collection is layered with multiple cultural influences. Each fabric and trim was inspired from a document or idea from one part of the world and reinvented in another part of the world. The fabrics merge with this adopted culture through their reinvention. Cross cultural pollination is an integral part of Barry's aesthetic; his interiors subtly interweave elements of different cultures not only to bring interest to a space, but also to give each individual who enters that space something with which to connect. Inspirations and influences from every continent pepper this collection.

Crossing boundaries of time refers to the textiles in this collection being inspired by another aesthetic period and reinvented to give them a new life in the present. Since the product of this exercise belongs to no single era, the resulting fabrics become classic and timeless.

Crossing spatial boundaries references the concept of bringing the outside in; bringing what we see through the window into our interior spaces. Many of the fabrics and trims were inspired from something in nature - fruit, animal, trees, and bales of hay, for example. Now as fabric and trim, nature comes inside through design and color.

Crossing boundaries of pattern includes the repeated use of motifs. Within the fabric and trimming collection, similar elements are translated differently through the patterns. For example, Crop Art Circles, Medina, Chariot Wheels, Panda Candy, and Stonewaves share the elements of circles and repeated lines found in bales of hay and Japanese sand gardens. Ishtar, Cableknit and Le Rosey Woven share a zigzag pattern. In his trimmings, the repetition continues with lacing and interlocking rings repeating throughout the collection. Barry naturally and often intuitively incorporates repetition of elements in his interiors. In analyzing his aesthetic, this repetition is integral to how he creates balance within a space. As an observer, Barry's creative insight challenges one to find the element that he was drawn to repeat in each space.

Crossing color boundaries enables the palettes to play with the relationship between warm and cool colors, such as grey and gold, yellow and lavender, green and brown, and so on. Barry drew his color inspirations from original Arthur Rackham illustrations, England's most celebrated children's book artist who lived from 1867-1939. Some of his most noted illustrations include the original drawings for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Rip Van Winkle and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm. Rackham's colors are characterized by luminous, mid-tone watercolors in which he juxtaposes cool and warm hues. Within the palette of this collection, Barry set out to capture the purity of color and relationships of color featured in Rackham's work.

The Barry Dixon Collection for Vervain is a reflection of Barry's unique style. One of the most exciting elements of the collection is the variety within it, as it includes prints, embroideries, silks, cottons, velvets, chenilles, textures, trimmings, and more. It is multi-dimensional, crossing cultural and stylistic boundaries, yet cohesively joining all of these components together.

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